Connect Groups are our mid-week small groups that are focused on building community and creating a safe space to learn more about God. Because each of us is unique, we believe that Connect Groups should also be unique to each individual, and that you should find a group of believers who you can relate to. Some of our Grow Groups meet regularly, while some of them only run over a short period of time. Together, we spend time studying and applying God's Word to our lives, as well as waiting on God in prayer and trusting together for breakthrough in each other's lives. We also have more informal groups who like to spend time drinking coffee and catching up on life. Whichever you prefer, we hope that you will get connected and grow with us.


Thursday Connect - Balbinova 10, Vinohrady | Thursdays at 19:00 (Starting in October 2020)

Family Connect (Kids Welcome) - Na Valech 4, Hradcany | Fridays at 17:30 (Starting in October 2020)

Czech Connect - Contact us for more details


Our community meets every Sunday for services in both Czech and English. We don't have a dress code or a specific criteria for you to meet to join our family. We encourage you to come as you are, enjoy a cup of coffee and make yourself at home. During both services, Destiny Kids is available for your little ones. After the service, we like to make room for people to receive prayer, give financially in the form of tithes and offerings, as well as share communion together if they feel comfortable doing so. Please be sure to fill out a visitor's card before leaving so that we can meet up for coffee and get to know you better.


Destiny Kids is aiming to transform children's lives through the gospel of Jesus Christ, to inspire them and help them develop their gifts. Destiny Kids is run by a team of dedicated young people that love God and love kids. Each location has a Kids Team volunteer who oversees the Children's Ministry on a Sunday. This is your point of contact, as a parent if you have any questions. They are all incredibly passionate people who love God and love leading children to Jesus. 


Our team has a heart for people and a passion for Jesus. Originally from many nations across the world, we are united by this one thing: God is good and His plans for you, your family and this nation are even greater than you can imagine.

This leadership will provide mentoring for your life, prayer for your journey, challenge for your maturity, covering for your wellbeing and passion for your potential. And as we do all of this, we do it all in the love and grace of God, with the Holy Spirit helping us every step of the way.

For more information about our church, or if you are in need of pastoral care, please feel free to contact us.