about us

Destiny Praha is an evangelical, Christian church situated in the heart of Prague, Czech Republic. We are a community of local and international believers, offering Sunday meetings in both Czech and English. We believe that Jesus loves this nation, as well as all the nations who have made this country their home. Our passion is to communicate this love practically through relationship, discipleship and community.

We have a vision to see people empowered by the love of Jesus and activated by the power of the Holy Spirit. As a family of believers, we are fully convinced that you have a very unique and God-given purpose and destiny in life. Your destiny emerges when you begin to discover your gifts and God-given abilities. We want to come alongside you and go on a journey together to help you find out who you are in Jesus and who He has called you to be. 

meet the leaders

Our team has a heart for people and a passion for Jesus. Originally from many nations across the world, we are united by this one thing: God is good and His plans for you, your family and this nation are even greater than you can imagine.

This leadership will provide mentoring for your life, prayer for your journey, challenge for your maturity, covering for your wellbeing and passion for your potential. And as we do all of this, we do it all in the love and grace of God, with the Holy Spirit helping us every step of the way.

want to know more?

Destiny Praha was established in 2015 and is part of Destiny Ministries, a worldwide network which works in close association with the Evangelical Alliance. All our churches are 'interdependent', working under the oversight of an apostolic team, and committed to working together.