Everyone is always welcome at Destiny Church. In any given meeting, we have people of all ages, and all experiences. We have long standing members and brand-new people just finding their feet. But we positively and enthusiastically encourage church membership. We want you to take that step. You can attend a church, or you can be a part of it. The church, of course, is not the building, but a growing family of people who follow Jesus. Some people would rather watch others live interesting lives than live one themselves. Regardless of our age, past life or present qualifications, we can all make a difference, we can all play our part.

If you're just passing by and are not yet sure if you would like to commit to church membership, please still complete the form below so that we can keep you informed on the latest news and other important information.


According To The Pattern (ATTP) is a FREE course designed to ensure that you are living life to its full potential and reaching your destiny. This course is a Bible-based, 'manual for life' that teaches foundational truths and equips believers with the tools needed to live out their lives with Godly values.

Covering topics such as the Bible and how to understand it, faith, life and dealing with the past, the future and the Church, as well as prayer, finances, and leadership, this is an invaluable tool for anyone who is new to Christianity, or who is uncertain as to how to live out the Word of God in a practical way.

We have multiple ATTP courses scheduled throughout the year and would love to sign you up for our next course. Please contact us for more information.